Summer 1 Week 2

In English, we have continued to follow the adventures of Greek King, Odysseus. Earlier this week, we learnt about creating mood and atmosphere. Year 5 used figurative language to show how lost and ashamed the Cyclops felt after being defeated. I was particularly impressed y some of the personification used, such as the walls mocking him and the fire cackling. Today we took part in role play to understand the relationship between Odysseus and his men following their shipwreck. They used a formal tone to argue with each other about who was at fault.

In maths, we have been exploring nets of cuboids. The children cut open packaging and then drew the net of what they could see. We identified the features and discussed how moving the faces would affect the construction of the net.

Couch Dugan returned for another lesson today. Year 5 focused on fielding skills and spent time improving their long stop position.

Have a wonderful bank holiday weekend.


Mrs Lines