Summer 1 Week 1

Alleluia! He is Risen!


On returning to school, Year 5 celebrated the resurrection by taking part in an act of worship. The children were reverent and contemplated what change they will make in their lives, inspired by the resurrection.  Later that morning, the children wrote beautiful poetry, using the repeated line ‘The stone was rolled away’. In the afternoon, we took part in a workshop to reflect on and understand each part of the Easter story. The children behaved beautifully and asked some interesting questions.

In English, we have begun a new class text. Over the coming weeks, we will follow the epic myth of Odysseus. So far, we have read the prologue based on the Trojan War and put ourselves in the place of Prince Paris. We have also been building up our understanding of two of the main characters: Odysseus and Penelope.

In maths, we took part in a whole school problem solving activity. The children had to use positional language to find out where the children in year 4 sit. The mathematical conversation it produced was fantastic and the children enjoyed the challenge.

Today we had our first P.E session with Couch Dugan from Dame Alice Owen’s School.