Spring Term Week 9 w.b. 7th March

Thank you for all your kind welcome back massages, it was so lovely to see the children again and they were so excited to tell me what they had been learning with Mrs Moccia in my absence.

The children shared with me their fantastic knowledge of the different Stations of the Cross this week after they learnt them through various role-playing activities.

In Computing the children learnt about algorithms and how to input data to have a desired output. They played an activity where they wrote their algorithm and their partner had to follow it to see if it was correct.

On Friday Year 1 started their learning on Science Week through a Science workshop all about bubbles. The children were so excited to learn about gravity, evaporation, forces and how to make stronger bubbles!

Thank you for arranging the parent consultations. I have sent home the discussion sheet today or a sleep to invite you to book a telephone appointment if you were unable to book a previous appointment.

I hope you have a restful weekend as we have a busy Science Week to come!
Miss Lambie

Home learning.
English– We are nearly at the end of Phase 5 phonics so I have sent a phonics sheet home that contains every sound and a High Frequency word list. It is end of Year 1 expectation that children are able to read, spell and use these sounds and words in their writing.
• Please use www.spellingframe.co.uk to support the sounds taught this week:
-Spelling rule #21 ‘ew’ Chew the Stew
• -Tricky/ High Frequency words List #16 Phase 5 https://www.phonicsbloom.com/uk/game/tricky-trucks?phase=5
• Spelling Frame does not have any games for ‘oe’ so the Children have a game to play at home- no need to return to school.

• The children have their user to www.letterjoin.co.uk to support in their handwriting and user details were handed out at the beginning of the term.

• We have been playing ‘Hit the button’ at the start of our maths lessons to build our speed at number bonds to 10. We managed to score 25 in one minute. Can you set your score and beat your score?