Spring Term Week 7 Reception

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Have you ever wondered what happened to the dish and the spoon when they ran away in the nursery rhyme, Hey Diddle, Diddle? This week Reception class found out when they heard the story, ‘The Adventures of the Dish and the Spoon’ by Mini Grey. The children had lots of fun thinking and writing about what they would do if they found a big bag of money; ideas ranged from giving it to the poor, to buying a gold Lamborghini! In the story, the dish and the spoon make some poor life decisions and as a result the spoon is put in prison.  To re-enact this, Reception decided that they wanted the outside role play area to be a police station, complete with a jail and so they have been very busy working together to create and then play in it.

In RE, the children have learnt about the importance of buying Fairtrade in order to support hardworking farmers, so that they will get fair and better prices for their products, have decent working conditions, be in a position to make their own decisions and control their future and lead the dignified lives that they all deserve. The children then designed their own posters telling everyone to buy Fairtrade. Today, they reinforced their learning by discussing Fairtrade and then drawing the Fairtrade logo with their Learning Partners.

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend,

Mrs Theo and Mrs Gymer

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  1. Dannii Cochrane
    Dannii Cochrane says:

    Amazing! Gene loved RE this week. He came home and told us all about Fairtrade and where coco comes from. He then decided to buy some Fairtrade products whilst we were at the supermarket!

  2. Gemma Adams
    Gemma Adams says:

    Phoebe and Sofia enjoyed learning about Fair trade and like to look for fair trade items in Sainsbury’s. Thank you x


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