Spring Term Week 3

Another week has flown by in Year 5. We have been very busy thinking about what it means to be sacramental people and seeing where we could find God in our local area. On Wednesday, Year 5 took a walk to Darkes Lane and were able to identify where they could see God in nature and through others. Once we returned to school, we then thought about where we see God in our own lives and how we let God act through us.  Later in the week, we developed this idea by discussing social dilemmas and what we should or would do. The children were very reflective and made thoughtful contributions.

On Thursday, along with the rest of the school, we were visited by Bishop John Sherington. Year 5 asked some fantastic questions and listened thoughtfully to his responses.

In science, we continued our new topic on forces. We investigated air resistance by dropping paper with different surface areas from a height and timing their fall. Next week, Year 5 will use this knowledge to develop their own investigations relating both surface area and air resistance.

Year 5 have really been enjoying our new class text. ‘Boy in the Tower’ is a mystery story about buildings in Camberwell suddenly falling.  It is narrated by the main character, a young boy named Ade, who lives a challenging life. The children have shown great empathy for this character and have appreciated how lucky they are to be so well taken care of.


Have a great weekend


Mrs Lines