Spring Term Week 11

Mini Police was very exciting this week! Year 5 had the opportunity to go out onto Baker Street to ensure drivers were keeping to the speed limit. Using the police equipment, the children could see how fast cars were going. Any drivers travelling above 35mph were stopped and Year 5 reminded them about the importance of being safe. This was a great chance for the children to serve the local community. The drivers who were stopped thanked Year 5 for reminding to travel  at a safer speed and assured them they would do so from now on. Next week will be the final one of our sessions with Hertfordshire Constabulary. You are all invited to our assembly on Thursday at 2:30.

In science we have been learning about life cycles. We began by looking at the construction of an egg. The children made scientific observations and learnt the technical names and functions of this commonly used food item. We then moved on to looking at the full life cycle of birds by researching online.

Home learning this week is mathletics, Spag.com and the spelling sentences.

Have a wonderful weekend


Mrs Lines

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  1. Steve O'Keeffe
    Steve O'Keeffe says:

    A fantastic engagement with the local police with year 5 acting as police ambassadors promoting safe driving in and around the school. Surprisingly most of the “speeding” drivers stopped were local residents ,so we must challenge ourselves around our own speed and parking habits around the school especially when the roads are busy and the school clock is looming – temptation to “bend the rules” should be avoided. Let year 5 parents lead by example.
    I have spoken to the local officers who supported the mini police and they were full of praise for year 5’s level of positive confidence and sense doing the right thing.Parents and teachers should be proud.
    Best wishes
    Steve O’Keeffe
    Safeguarding governor.

  2. Fiona masterson
    Fiona masterson says:

    This is fabulous. So many people don’t know where Pope Paul is because they speed passed it at the speed of light. Any chance there could be a camera with all fine proceeds going to the school? Not a chance but it would be fab.

  3. Giovanna. B
    Giovanna. B says:

    It was a very fun few weeks, and i enjoyed it sooooooooo much. I can’t wait until they come and do what they did for us with the Year 4s so we can see them.


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