Spring Term Week 11 21.03.22

Spring Term Week 11 21.03.22

In History Year 1 identified older toys, placed them into their relevant decades and ordered them into chronological order. I was very impressed with their group learning and listening to each other before deciding on where to place the toys.

We enjoyed exploring this website on toys:

http://www.windowsonwarwickshire.org.uk/spotlights/toysandgames/index.htm (does not work on tablets)

Year 1 have enjoyed having their toys in this week and are invited to bring the same or different small cuddly in next week.

Year 1 enjoyed learning the story of Palm Sunday this week in Religion. They worked well in their groups to role-play the story but we got a bit stuck when it was time to take their coats off and lay them down as the weather was so warm we didn’t have many coats!

Mathletics to support learning this week:  Please continue to support your child in making numbers with tens and ones and begin adding them together. After Easter we will move onto counting in multiples, money and fractions but will continue to add and subtract.

  • Reading numbers to 30
  • 1 to 30
  • Counting forwards

Our phonic sounds learnt this week are:

  • o-e ‘Phone home!’ stroke, cone, wove, bone, home, hope, spoke, note, broke,
  • u-e ‘huge brute’ flute, mule, cute, cube, fuse, huge, tube, rude, June
  • Tricky words to read and spell: Mrs, Mrs, here, could, asked, people
  • Unfortunately, Spelling Frame does not have these sounds so the children can create their own games/ flash cards or sentences using the words above. They each chose a word search that their friend made last week.

Please can all children have their reading books in everyday next week as I would like to finish their reading assessments before Easter.

Thank you for all the boxes of tissues this week. Hopefully they will last us the rest of the term! I hope you are looking forward to seeing the children’s learning books in the hall next Tuesday 29th March from 3pm.

I hope you have a wonderful Mother’s Day weekend and enjoy the card and flower from the children.

Miss Lambie