Spring 2, Week 3.

We are mad about science in Y3 and to celebrate science week we have taken part in many different activities.

We have completed many explorify activities, which has really tested our observation, questioning and classifying skills. Thank you for helping us complete some of these challenges during celebration morning.

Throughout the week the whole school have planned an experiment about which biscuit is the best for dunking. We made predictions and then tested and recorded the results – Rich Tea was the most success at absorbing water!

On Thursday we took part in a scavenger hunt lead by Mr Freelander, a scientist from Dame Alice Owen’s school. For this science activity we had to identify, group and make careful observations of items, creatures and plants in our school grounds.

Throughout the week have learnt about Francis Crick, a British scientist who made discoveries about DNA. DNA is the set of instructions inside every living. To find out more about this we interviewed a Vicky (Mrs Heymoz’s sister) who is a scientist at The Francis Crick Institution. This was very inspiring.

Home learning:

Spelling – forgetting, forgotten, beginning, beginner, preferred, preferring, occurred, occurring, forbidden, committed.


Please create a poster showing how sports people or everyday activities, such as opening and closing doors, use the forces pushing and pulling.  Label the pictures with arrows showing the type of force (push or pull) and explain briefly how they work using the forces. You might like to draw the pictures, use photos or cut out pictures from newspapers or magazines to help you.


Please listening your child read and ask them to log their reading in their record.

Have a lovely weekend,

Miss Pringle