Spring 2 Week 2

The highlight of the week was World Book Day. The children looked wonderful in their costumes and enjoyed sharing their favourite books.

In Maths, the children have been learning about perpendicular and parallel lines. They have been identifying different lines, drawing lines and labelling lines.

In English the children have been learning to not write notes to ensure they have the most important information.  We have been looking at persuasive writing and what words and phrases help to persuade people.

In Religion, we have been learning about Lent. The children made posters about what they know. Then the thought about how they might give alms, who they will pray for and what they might fast on during Lent.

This week was Fairtrade fortnight. The children learnt about the impact buying Fairtrade products has and thought of different ways to persuade others to buy Fairtrade products.

We started our new D&T topic of ‘Making Healthy Sandwiches.’ The children learnt about the different food types and voted on their favourite bread and sandwich filling. Then they planned their own healthy sandwich.

In Science, we started our topic on light. The children learnt that darkness is the absence of light. They investigated why we can see some objects in the dark and not others. Then they investigated the size of shadows.

Home Learning

Spellings – complete activities on spelling shed battle, article, struggle, possible, capable, settle, humble, terrible, example, adjustable
Handwriting Practise writing the spellings in your handwriting book
Science Make a sock puppet. Please bring in on Tuesday for a Science investigation.
Studyladder Please complete the activities
Timetables Practise timetable on timetable rockstars.


Have a lovely weekend


Mrs Carey

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