Spring 2 Week 2

Another busy week has flown by in Year 5. On Tuesday we visited the Houses of Parliament. Our tour began by taking the queen’s entrance and looking around the robing room, where Queen Victoria’s throne still sits. We were then able to make our way to the House of Lords. Once inside, we could see the ornate, gold decoration. It was a wonderful experience for the children and adults alike. After our tour had concluded, we took part in a workshop where we explored votes for women and how suffragettes brought about change. It was an absolute privilege to take Year 5 on this trip. Not only was their behaviour impeccable during the journey, tour and workshop, they proved themselves to be highly knowledgeable about parliament. A tour guide complimented Year 5 and said that she was very impressed with their questions and comments. Well done, Year 5, and thank you to our adult helpers. Many of our Year 5s then had to rush off from the station on our return that day to take part in a chess tournament. They represented us well and achieved silver and bronze. All in all, it was a very busy but successful day.


On Thursday it was World Book day. There were a fabulous assortment of bible characters and I enjoyed hearing about who the children had chosen to come as and why.

All through this week, some of Year 5 took part in bikeability. This was a fantastic experience for them to learn new skills and how to ride on the road safely. Thankfully the weather improved today as they had endured some downpours during their sessions throughout the week.

Next week is science week. I am looking forward to seeing Year 5 use their scientific skills to take part in a whole school investigation. During science today, they impressed me with their observation skills as we looked at eggs. See if they can tell you about the different parts of the egg and how and why we are able to tell if they have gone bad.

Have a peaceful weekend


Mrs Lines


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    MARINA says:

    What a busy week. Thanks Mrs Lines. Thomas is really tired with all that has been going on this week. Have a restful weekend.

  2. Patricia
    Patricia says:

    All go this week. Very proud of the whole class and their behaviour on the school trip. Well done to those that also participated in Bikeability and chess.
    Thank you Mrs Lines! Matthias had a ”great” week.


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