Spring 1 Week 6

During our final week of half term, we have been learning about Islam as a part of other faith week. On Wednesday, Year 5 learnt about the Qur’an and then on Thursday visited the Watford Mosque. The imam was very informative and the children showed exceptional respect.

Later on Thursday, it was disco time and Year 5 had a great time with glow sticks!


In maths, we have been focusing on formal methods of addition and subtraction. The children have thrived in this unit and have been completing cryptorhythms. I have been really impressed with their problem solving skills in the past week.

Today we worked hard to bring our art unit to an end. After weeks of learning about painting and colour, the children created Hockney inspired school landscapes.

Home learning:

This week, there is a whole school home learning. We would like children to learn about tin in preparation of our upcoming English unit based on The Tin Forest. Find out where it comes from and about its properties.

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