Spring 1 Week 3

In English this week, Year 5 began our new class text ‘The London Eye Mystery’. We have enjoyed finding out about the main character, Ted, and how he sees the world. Over the coming weeks, we will build up our skills of narrative writing so that we can add another chapter to the mystery.  Today we revised dialogue punctuation and ensured we maintained a balance between narrative and speech.

In Science, we have begun learning about forces. We have investigated how air resistance can affect falling objects and act against gravity. Through investigation, we were able to see the impact of surface area and that by decreasing it our gyros were able to fall faster. During this investigation, Year 5 needed their maths skills, as we used repeated measures and therefore needed to find an average.


Have a wonderful weekend.


Home Learning:


Spellings, week 3

Big Garden Bird watch- A sheet has been provided for the children to tally up the birds they see in their gardens or from their windows. This is due back in on Wednesday.