Spirituality Week- Reception

It has been a truly wonderful week, full of joyful and spiritual experiences.

Reception began the week with the rest of the school in a very special Grandparents Celebration Morning; a special assembly followed by a visit to the classroom. The children were so proud to show their loved ones around their classroom and outside area. Thank you so much for coming.

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In the afternoon the children wrote prayers and exchanged them with their Year 6 reading partners. This was followed by some fun games together using the parachute.

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On Tuesday they learnt about the story Noah’s Ark. Some children wrote their own Noah’s Ark book, some painted pictures and some children made their own replica ark.

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On Wednesday, the children listened to the story Dogger and discussed where in the story they could see God. They then thought about everyday moments  in their own family life where God is present.

On Thursday, the children participated in the prayer stations led by the Year 6 children.

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Today, many of the class welcomed their parents to the classroom, where they were invited to write their own family prayer.

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Wishing you all a restful week.

The Reception Team

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