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SATs 2017

As I said in class, each evening I will upload a powerpoint and video link to help consolidate each grammar focus we visit between now and the SATs. I will also set a relevant test for you to see where you need to do further revision. I hope to update this post each day, so please make use of this resource.

Tuesday 18th April

Today we focused on the subjunctive form in the morning, and on prepositions after lunch.

For the Subjunctive powerpoint I used, click here.

Here is a video that explains in further detail:

Visit and click on Formal & informal (A) to test yourself on the subjunctive form.

For the powerpoint about prepositions, click here.

We also looked at those prepositions that can also be subordinating conjunctions. The video below explains how to tell which is which:

Visit and click on Prepositions & adverbs (A) to test yourself on prepositions.


Wednesday 19th April

Today we focused on the present perfect and past perfect.

For the powerpoint about present perfect and past perfect tense, click here.

Here is a video to further explain the past perfect tense:

Visit and click on Verbs in perfect form to test yourself.


Thursday 20th April

Today we focused on adverbials in the morning, and on modal verbs after lunch.

For the powerpoint on adverbials, click here.

Watch this video for further help on adverbials.

Visit and test yourself with the tests entitled Prepositions & adverbs and Fronted Adverbials (B)

For the powerpoint about modal verbs, click here.

Try Probability words on to test yourself.



Monday 24th April

Today, we looked at synonyms and antonyms.

For the powerpoint on synonyms and antonyms, click here.

Try Synonyms and antonyms (A) and (B) on to test yourself.


Tuesday 25th April

This afternoon, the grammar focus was on formal and informal English.

Click here for a powerpoint to explain the difference between formal and informal language.

Try Formal and informal (B) – and (A) if you’ve not already done so – on to test yourself.


Wednesday 26th April

Today, we revised phrases and clauses.

For the powerpoint on phrases and clauses, click here.

Here is a powerpoint to reinforce this further (an independent clause is the same as a main clause):

On, try Subordinate clauses and conjunctions (A) and (B) to test yourself.


Thursday 27th April

We finished learning about clauses this morning with some revision of relative clauses. Look towards the end of yesterday’s powerpoint to go over the relative slides.

To test yourself, take the Relative clauses test on


Wednesday 3rd May

We covered determiners this morning. Click here for the powerpoint that I used.

For further revision, this is a really clear video explaining determiners:

In the afternoon we revised passive voice.

For the powerpoint quiz, click here.

Here’s a great video to help you understand the difference between active and passive voice:

The most recent tests I’ve put onto are called Passive & active (A) and (B). Please have a go at testing yourself.

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