Science Week in Year 6

Year 6 have had a fun-filled week learning about the topic of Flight for National Science Week. The children have written the blog this week, recounting their various learning, so please do comment!

Monday – by Matthew M

On Monday, we first learnt about the history of aviation from the first unnamed craft to stealth bombers in 2017. About 5 minutes later, we made paper aeroplanes to see which ones fly best and why. It is because of the wing span, the stream line or weight distribution. After break, we had a talk from Rocket Scientists. During that session we made rockets that are powered by compressed air. After lunch, we practised the Mass for Wednesday about living water. After that, we did RE and we learnt that you don’t need to pray out loud to pray. That was the end of Day 1 of Science Week.

P1100759 P1100761 P1100773 P1100775 P1100777 P1100784 P1100787 P1100790 P1100792

Tuesday – by Amelia Z

On Tuesday, we went to Westminster Abbey. Before we got to Westminster Abbey, we went to Westminster Cathedral then we saw Big Ben. After that, we went to Downing Street and got the chance to see Theresa May (our prime minister). Then we went to eat lunch in the cloisters of the Abbey. When we finished lunch we had a Charles Darwin workshop where we had different objects acting as beaks and we had to try and pick as many food types and elastic bands up in one minute. Then we had a tour guide who took us around the Abbey and showed us where Charles Darwin was buried. After our amazing experience, we went home.


Theresa May leaving Downing Street!


Passing the Cenotaph


Approaching Westminster Abbey


Before going to the Abbey we had a whistle-stop tour of  Westminster Cathedral.


Awaiting the Prime Minister’s departure from Downing Street!


Group shot with the Downing Street policemen


The tour included a glimpse of Parliament and Big Ben

P1100806 P1100814 P1100833


Which beak is best adapted? Investigating Darwin’s theory of Natural Selection


Meeting Charles Darwin and hearing all about his voyage on HMS Beagle!


On a quest to find Darwin’s animals, based on clues about their adaptations

P1100846P1100850P1100852 P1100853 P1100858 P1100864

Wednesday – by Josh M

On Wednesday, we learnt about owls and how they live. Apparently, owls can turn their heads 270°. They can also swallow a whole mouse in one go, but they cough out all the bones and stuff. After the owl session, we went to the church where we had our Lenten Mass on the theme of water. It was a lovely Mass with the teachers and some classmates doing a great job. When we came back from church, after lunch we had PE where we learnt about tag rugby. In tag rugby we learnt about positions and played a lot of games.

Thursday – by Luis

The penultimate day of Science Week was when we made our aeroplanes from Monday even better. We coloured them in and made them more aerodynamic and streamlined.


Friday – by Oliver

On Friday (the last day), we had a St Patrick’s Day assembly where lots of parents came, and it included a fun performance by Year 3 and Irish Dancing. After, we attempted to build 3D flowers with 4 sheets of A4 paper, scissors but no tape, glue etc. with our parents and they loved looking through our classroom. In the afternoon, we handed out our home learning and had time with our Reception reading buddies. We helped them take part in our Lenten charity obstacle course, then taught them how to make paper aeroplanes. Everyone really enjoyed this week and hope to have a week this good again.

P1100916P1100874 P1100875 P1100876 P1100877 P1100878 P1100879 P1100880 P1100882 P1100883 P1100884 P1100885 P1100886 P1100888 P1100890 P1100891 P1100892 P1100893 P1100894 P1100895 P1100896 P1100897 P1100898 P1100899 P1100900 P1100901 P1100902 P1100903 P1100904 P1100908 P1100909 P1100910 P1100911 P1100912 P1100914 P1100915

Extra mention from Miss Donatantonio

Last week, a group of Year 6 children showed the rest of the class some stones and rocks they found in the peace garden. Cristina, Rosie, Ciaran and Daniel have since set up a Geology Club and yesterday I was delighted to walk into the hall at lunchtime to see the Geology Club in action. It is fantastic that the children are following up an interest of theirs to teach the younger children in their lunch time.

P1100873P1100870 P1100871

For this week’s home learning letter, click here.

For the powerpoint used in the maths lesson on BODMAS, click here.

For the powerpoint used in our grammar lesson on subordinating conjunctions, click here.

Have a lovely weekend everyone!

Miss Donatantonio

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  1. RUBY
    RUBY says:

    I absolutely loved this week! My favourite part was when the owls came in and we got to have a picture taken with them. They were so soft. A shame I wasn’t there when you guys made the ‘Ultimate plane’ since I love making paper planes.

  2. Catherine Roberts
    Catherine Roberts says:

    Again, brilliant learning opportunities and great for us all how much the children are enjoying and sharing their learning. Looks like a busy week and with a visit from the Owls to finish it off – how lucky!.


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