Revision Aids for SATs Week

There will be many opportunities for you to look over areas of your learning to help you prepare for the daily SATs tests that you are doing.


Revision Aids for:




Click the protractor icon to practise your protractor skills!

Maths Reasoning Paper  Sample 1

Maths Paper  1 arithmetic

Maths R

Reasoning Paper  2  Reasoning

Maths Reasoning Paper  3    Reasoning

Maths Mark Scheme

Another arithmetic paper for you to try!!

Solutions on page 13

Focus below is on Geometry:

Click on any area you would like to revise by completing some past SATs questions.


2d-shapes-questions   2d-shapes-solutions

3d-shapes-and-nets-questions     3d-shapes-and-nets-solutions

angles-and-lines-questions   angles-and-lines-solutions

measuring-and-drawing-questions   measuring-and-drawing-solutions

reflect-and-translate-questions   reflect-and-translate-solutions

symmetry-questions     symmetry-solutions

triangles-questions     triangles-solutions

Interactive Games – Try these!!

Faces, edges and vertices   click here

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