Reception Week Beginning 7.11.22

This week, Reception have been learning about Armistice Day and the significance of the poppy. They have been recalling and sharing their own memories with one another and have enjoyed creating their own poppies from a variety of materials.

Today the children joined the rest of the school in observing two minutes silence at 11am. This was followed by a pilgrimage around the school where the children quietly travelled from from class to class to visit each prayer table.

This week, we finished teaching the first set of phonics (phase 2). For the rest of the term, we will be embedding these sounds during our daily phonics sessions. No new sounds will be sent home until after Christmas. Please continue to practise these sounds at home by getting your child to have a go at writing very simple cvc words such as: cat, man, bell, loss, bed, fan, dip etc and please continue to read daily. It is really important that you correct your child’s pencil grip if they are holding it incorrectly and please insist that they form the letters in the way they have been taught; saying the phrase as they write it will help them.

Thank you for your continued support!

Have a wonderful weekend,

The Reception Team

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