Reception Week Beginning 4.10.21

This week, Reception have been learning about growing up and how we change as we grow older. They have been thinking about all of the things that they couldn’t do when they were a tiny baby and comparing them with the things that they are able to do now, all by themselves.

On Thursday, we had two very special visitors to Reception’s class- Ella’s mummy and her baby brother Eric. Ella and her mummy told the class all about how they look after Eric and how they keep him safe and healthy. The children also had the opportunity to ask Ella some really good questions about her little brother. Next week, we are looking forward to welcoming even more visitors to our class. These special visitors are going to tell Reception about how they help other people! One of the visitors is a vet and the other a dentist!

Alongside our ‘growing up’ theme this week, Reception have also been thinking about how we celebrate birthdays. They have been very busy making birthday cards, hats, party lists and party banners; they even turned the outside role-play area into a party room! This has been a very popular and fun role play activity!!

In Religion this week, Reception have been learning about a very special book- The Bible. They worked in pairs to draw their favourite story from the Bible and shared their learning with the rest of the class. The adults were amazed at how well the children co-operated and worked together!

As you will have seen, Reception have started their phonics learning this week. Thank you for supporting your child with their home learning. This short activity at home really does help to consolidate the day’s new sound and the children are so proud to show the adults their writing the next morning!

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend,

The Reception Team


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