Reception Week beginning 30.11.20

This week the children have been learning about National Tree Week and Advent. The class started the week off by making their Advent promises and learning about the Advent wreath. They then went for a walk in the school grounds, looking at the features of different trees. This was followed by a technology session with the school iPads, where the children enjoyed exploring the Joy Noodle app and using it to create their own tree pictures.

On Tuesday, the children had a huge surprise; some tree fairies had been inside their classroom and in the outdoor area, leaving a trail of fairy dust behind them! The children then realised that some of the candles from the class Advent wreath were missing! The fairies had borrowed them and had left a note explaining why. They also asked the children lots of questions in the letter. The children immediately set about following the fairy dust trail, looking for the fairies and writing letters back to them. It was so exciting!

The children have also been very busy rehearsing the class Nativity in full costume. They are very excited about the filming taking place on Monday and can’t wait to watch it on Wednesday afternoon!

Wishing you all a lovely weekend,

The Reception Team


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  1. Barbara(Basia)
    Barbara(Basia) says:

    Fabio enjoyed so much learning and activities this week! He was telling us (for a first time since he started Reception 🙈) what he did during the day especially when fairies visited the class:) he was soooooo excited!
    Thank you!


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