Reception Week Beginning 3.5.21

Despite being a three day week, Reception have fitted a lot of experiences and learning in!

On Tuesday, the class received a letter from The Natural History Museum asking them if they would be prepared to take care of a rare dinosaur egg while they had their new cabinets fitted. Reception were over the moon to be asked and immediately wrote back to accept!

The next day, Mrs Heymoz visited Reception, bringing with her a very special package that had just been delivered by a security guard! It was the dinosaur egg! The class were so excited! They noticed that the package had an unfamiliar word ‘fragile’ written on it. Luckily Joe knew that this meant ‘delicate’ and Noemi also knew that it meant that it was breakable! The children decided to put it on the prayer table for the time being and everyone thought that it was a probably a good idea to write signs, asking people not too touch the egg. Reception then began to plan ways to display the egg while protecting it and will implement these plans early next week!

Today Reception Class joined the rest of the school in their first ever May Procession to honour Mary.  The children made their teachers so proud with their reverence and exemplary behaviour.

This afternoon, the class joined their Year 6 reading partners once again, for a special PE session on the field. It really is so wonderful to watch their special relationships slowly develop!

Wishing you all a lovely weekend,


The Reception Team

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