Reception Week Beginning 28.3.22



Just like that, another term has flown past!

The children have been very busy finding out where our food comes from this week. Some children were very surprised to find out that meat comes from animals! As you sit down to dinner together, please reinforce this new learning by talking about where the food on their plate comes from.

Continuing on with the story focus- The Little Red Hen, the Reception children decided to create a new bakery role-play area. They made cakes and bread to sell, created appetising posters displaying prices and wrote down shopping lists.

Some children acted out the story after creating their own farm setting, using the large construction, props and small world animals.

The children have been working hard to learn their number bonds to ten this week. Please show your children this episode of Numberblocks on BBCiPlayer; it has a really catchy song they all seem to love.

Also, if you can, please let them have a go at this game too, in order to embed this new learning. Thank you!

Press Number Bonds/ Make Ten

Wishing you all a very happy and restful Easter.

Thank you all for your continued support this term.

The Early Years Team

RE Whole-school Home Learning
Every family is invited to make an Easter Garden over the holidays. Please see instructions overleaf and suggestions below.
Easter Gardens should be brought into school on Tuesday 19th April and placed in the Peace Garden.

Many thanks,

Emma Donatantonio
RE Coordinator


How to make an Easter Garden.

You need:
* A shallow tray or dish *Garden soil or potting compost *Moss, cut grass or sand *Dried twigs *Sewing thread *Small pot *Flat stone large enough to cover the mouth of the pot *Egg cups (or other small containers) *Small flowers/plants *Gravel/stones/woodchip

To Make:
1. Fill the tray with soil or potting compost.
2. Arrange it to make a hill on one side of the tray.
3. Cover the soil with moss, grass or sand.
4. Make three crosses with dried twigs tied together with sewing thread and place on the hilltop.
5. Press the small pot into the hillside to make a cave like the garden tomb. Place the stone over the mouth of the tomb.
6. Press egg-cups full of water into the soil around the garden and fill with flowers/plant shrub in soil
7. Make a path coming from the tomb with gravel/stones/bits of tile, to show how the disciples ran to the tomb on Easter morning.
8. Early on Easter morning, move back the stone from the tomb, showing that it is empty.