Reception Week Beginning 23.1.23

Another busy week has flown by in Reception!

The book focus this week was the story of The Three Little Pigs.

The class had lots of fun thinking of different ways to trap the wolf, to make sure that he never bothers anyone again. Ideas ranged from putting him in a rocket and sending him into space, to putting a ring of fire around his house, so that he wouldn’t be able to leave!

Amongst other things, the children built their own strong houses for the pigs to live in safely, they role played the traditional tale and used puppets to retell the story in their own words.

In maths lessons this week, Reception have been exploring and comparing different measures and extending their mathematical language. For example, when learning about capacity, they learnt and applied new vocabulary such as: full, nearly full, empty, nearly empty. The class also had fun practically learning about mass and height.

In the Ten Ten session this week, the class learnt and applied names to different family relationships, and discussed ‘special people’ who they can trust. They also participated in a whole class activity, where together they sorted people in their everyday lives into ‘family’, ‘friend’ and ‘other people I know’ categories.

Dinosaur Egg News!!!

On Wednesday, the class received the dreadful news that the dinosaur egg that they were looking after for Professor Needham at The Natural History Museum, was unbelievably STOLEN!!!!

Luckily, Harvey had seen the thief carrying the egg, from his bedroom window the night before, and he was able to give a brilliant description of him; the police said that the information was extremely helpful! From this, the class were able to make detailed wanted posters and police reports. Some of the children also took fingerprints from anyone entering Reception,( to eliminate them as suspects) and they used their investigative skills to look for clues. The thief is still at large… hopefully the class will have some good news to share next week.

If the weather is kind to us next week, we are hoping to go for a walk on the farmland next to the school on Wednesday. If your child does not yet have wellies in school, please send some in with your child before then. Thank you.

Wishing you all a lovely weekend,

The Reception Team


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