Reception Week Beginning 19.6.23

This week, the children have continued to learn about the importance of loving neighbours, through the story of The Good Samaritan.

Love of neighbour involves the whole of creation. It means working for a just society. It includes love for the poor which results in active support of our neighbours locally and globally. Love of neighbour means concern for truth and justice in this service of the Common Good.

The children discussed who their neighbours are. How are they the same or different? How do they help us? How do we help them?

They then had fun role-playing, painting, retelling and rewriting the story themselves.

In English, the children have been focussing their learning around the themes in the book, The Bad-Tempered Ladybird by Eric Carle.

Again, they enjoyed acting out the story through role-play and small world.

They also talked and wrote about the things that make them feel bad-tempered!

On Wednesday, the school played host to some very exciting visitors- some children from Beijing in China. They popped into Reception class to say hello to the children and to look around the classroom and outside learning environment.

Please remember to supply your child with a sun hat, water bottle and apply sun cream before school, in order to keep them safe and protected from the sun. The warm weather has been wonderful and the children are really enjoying their time outdoors at the moment.

Thank you!

Enjoy the weekend,

The Reception Team