Reception Week Beginning 17.10.22

This week, Reception have been taking part in One World Week, along with the rest of the school. The focus country for the class was Ireland.

The children learnt that a pilgrimage is a special journey made to a holy place. They learnt about the Apparation of Mary in 1879 in Knock, County Mayo and how the place is now a shrine to the Virgin Mary.

Over the week, the class had fun taking part in lots of activities inspired by Irish history and culture. They were amazed by Elle, Eimear and Kate in Year 6, who shared their talents by giving the class a special Irish dancing performance. The children made Irish soda bread, flags and painted portraits of Our Lady of Knock. They also acted out the story of The Apparation, as a whole class, and thought about their own special journeys that they have been on with their families.

On Monday, the class were visited by Joshua’s mum who is a dentist. She taught the children about the importance of oral health and showed them how to brush their teeth properly. They then had a chance to practise their brushing techniques on models of teeth! Thank you Joshua’s mum!

On Tuesday, Reception were then visited by Summerain’s nanny, who cares for ladies in her role as a midwife. She told the class all about how she helps mummies and babies keep healthy and safe during and after pregnancy. The children then had the opportunity to explore the equipment that midwives use during check up appointments. Thank you Summerain’s nanny!

It was so lovely to see you all at the parent consultations and again at today’s Harvest Festival. Thank you for your support!

Wishing you all a well deserved half term break.

We hope you have lots of fun!

The Reception Team

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  1. Eve Hammond
    Eve Hammond says:

    Such a busy and exciting week! Thank you for all the fantastic activities and delicious soda bread. Hope everyone has a good half term break.


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