Reception Week Beginning 1.5.23

Despite it being a very short week, Reception have managed to pack a lot of learning in!

Inspired by the week’s story focus ‘Whatever Next!’ by Jill Murphy, the children decided to make a new spaceship role play area. They worked hard to make their spaceship shiny and made signs to help the astronauts keeps safe when in flight. They had lots of fun playing inside it, once it was finished!

The children also made planet mobiles to create a more authentic space feel and wrote lists of things they needed to take with them into space. They enjoyed using the space rocket small world play too.

As part of our learning about King Charles III’s coronation, the children drew their own portraits of him and learnt that Queen Elizabeth II was Charles III’s mother. They also learnt that he was the eldest child, so the law determines that he is the next king. They learnt about the ceremony itself and how the king will travel to and from his coronation tomorrow. The children were very excited to share their home learning and plan a coronation party!


Today, the children made their own St Edward’s royal crowns and celebrated the coronation by decorating and eating coronation biscuits with their Year 6 reading partner. They then had a very exciting time in the big playground with the rest of the school, enjoying an ice lolly and waving their union jack flags.

Enjoy the extended bank holiday weekend and if you are celebrating the coronation of King Charles III, have a fabulous time!

The Reception Team