Reception- Week 16

Little Red Riding Hood was our learning focus for this week, and the children had lots of fun recreating and deepening their understanding of the story, through role-play and hot seating.


IMG_8056 IMG_8058 IMG_8059 IMG_8060

The children also wrote lists of things to bring to Grandma to make her feel better, made get well soon cards, created 3D mazes to help Red Riding hood get through the forest, sequenced the story, made puppets and retold the tale by drawing story maps.

IMG_8061 IMG_8254

In PE, the class were very excited to learn that they were using the large apparatus and balancing equipment to practise travelling over, through and under.

IMG_8067 IMG_8070 IMG_8076 IMG_8077 IMG_8081 IMG_8086 IMG_8088 IMG_8094 IMG_8104 IMG_8112 IMG_8123

In Maths, we went on a number hunt around the school and kept a tally of each number that we saw!

IMG_8137 IMG_8139 IMG_8141 IMG_8142 IMG_8146 IMG_8152 IMG_8154 IMG_8159 IMG_8231 IMG_8232 IMG_8233

In RE, we learnt that even though we can’t physically see or feel God, we know that he is always there, helping the people in our lives to protect, care and love us. We also thought about the people who have dedicated their lives to serving, helping and protecting us such as doctors, fire fighters, priests, police officers and carers.

IMG_8184 IMG_8185 IMG_8186 IMG_8193 IMG_8198 IMG_8207

Please remind you child to bring in their special objects for RE by Tuesday, thank you.

Next week, we will be focussing on the story ‘The Three Little Pigs.

Have a lovely weekend,

The Reception Team


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