Reception Spring Term Week 5

This week, Reception have been thinking about the past and what it means.

To start our week off, we welcomed Mr Heymoz’s mum, Mrs Flach to the class. She spoke to the children about what life was like when she was a little girl and about her journey into adulthood.

Mrs Flach shared some beautiful photos of her mum and dad and her brother and three sisters. The children enjoyed listening to her talk about family holidays at the seaside and her experiences of going to school. Mrs Flach also showed Reception some photos of Mrs Heymoz when she was a little girl, which they found fascinating!

Later on in the week, the class also had the opportunity to look at baby and childhood photos of Ms Pemberton, Ms Steff and Mrs Gymer. They were amazing at matching the baby with the adult and asked some brilliant questions too!

Our story focus this week has been The Gingerbread Man. Amongst other things, the children loved thinking up their own different story ending, where the gingerbread man survives instead of getting eaten!

In RSE, the children have been thinking about the differences between a good friend and a bad friend. Together they thought about all the qualities that make a good friend. The class then made their own ‘good friend recipe’ adding an important quality to the bowl and mixing it in!

Today, we began rehearsals for our class assembly which we will be performing next Friday at 9.15am.

Have a wonderful weekend,

The Reception Team



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