Reception Class Week 9



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This week, Reception have been learning about why we have Remembrance Sunday and the significance of the red poppy. In particular, we have been thinking about bravery and talking about the times that we have been brave, even though we have felt very scared.

We also had some very exciting visitors who have to be brave every single day- fire officers!

Some of the fire officers from our local station came to show us around their fire engine. They showed us how they use their life saving equipment in an emergency situation and spoke to us about how they keep themselves safe in a fire. The fire officers also stressed the importance of working together as part of a team. The children asked lots of interesting questions and listened very well to what was being said.

To finish off, we all had a go at turning on the fire hose and knocking over the cone with the water!

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Next week, we will be celebrating World Nursery Rhyme Week, focussing on one rhyme each day, and we will be joining the rest of the school in Anti Bullying Week.

Enjoy the rest of the weekend,

The Reception Team

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  1. Maria Martides
    Maria Martides says:

    Lovely pictures! Eliana loved the fire engine and was so excited that she had a go at “spraying the water”
    It’s great that we get to see what the children do at school, thank you x

  2. Barbara
    Barbara says:

    Christoph was very impressed by the fire fighters. We had to check out all our smoke detectors when we came home from school… 🙂

  3. Antoni Poyiadzis
    Antoni Poyiadzis says:

    Siena was telling me about how much fun she had knocking down the cone with the water hose! I’m a little jealous myself!


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