Pope Francis: A person living the spirit of Pentecost

Luke, one of the Gospel writers told us that when the Holy Spirit at Pentecost  came it gave the disciples the ability to speak to others about God – in ways that they heard and understood.

This week we will focus on our current Pope Francis who lives his life using his gifts to speak to the world about God.

Pope Frances’ real name is Jorge (pronounced Horhey) Mario Bergoglio (pronounced Bergoglio). He was born on 17th December, 1936 in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Jorge became a Jesuit priest when he was 32. Jesuits (society of Jesus) are known for their special interest in education and social justice – in teaching people how to make society more ‘just’ (fair) for all people, especially the poor.

In 1992, Jorge became an auxiliary (assistant) Bishop in Buenos Aires, eventually becoming the Archbishop (head Bishop) there in 1998. In 2001 he was elected to the College of Cardinals, the group of church leaders from which the new pope is elected. Only a Cardinal can be a pope and only a Cardinal can vote for a new pope.

He became Pope on 13th March 2013

Pope Francis has said a lot since becoming Pope. He has been particularly outspoken about care of the poor and care of the planet.

Choose from the activities below

Activity 1

Read the sayings of Pope Francis (below) and choose the saying you like best. Copy it into your book. Draw pictures around it showing how people in your family live by this ‘rule’. He said…

‘love your neighbour and be kind to people who are lonely or have problems.’

He said…’do not bury your talents.’

He said…’talk to God the way you talk to your parents.’

He said…’show God’s love to the world in your happiness and courage.’

He said…’be generous.’

He said… ‘help one another.’

He said … ’we are one single human family.’

He said … ’listen to the cry of the earth and the cry of the poor


Activity 2  Choose from one of Pope Francis’ quotes below and create a poster which explains the meaning of the quote.TOP 25 QUOTES BY POPE FRANCIS (of 1386) | A-Z Quotes

Pope Francis Quote | Pope francis quotes, Pope francis, Pope quotes

Activity 3

Make a fact file about the life of Pope Francis



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