One World Week

This week, Year 5 learnt all about Brazil. Thank you for some wonderful home learning. There were a range of ideas such as statues, posters, fact files and PowerPoints. We began our week by learning abut the climate zones of the world and where Brazil was located. This enabled us to understand why the rain forest exists in this part of the world. We then moved onto understanding the rain forest biome. By identifying the features of each layer of the forest, we were able to understand the conditions and what sort of life would be supported there. Finally, we learnt about deforestation. We looked at the causes and the effects of this on both Brazil and the whole world. In particular, we learnt about erosion and water quality by  running an experiment on how rainfall affects soil with growth and without.

Today we wrote prayers for the Amazon Synod and its success.

Year 5 also enjoyed getting creative this week. We used collage techniques to make a fantastic Amazon display.

On Wednesday, we made the traditional Brazilian treat: Brigadeiros. On Thursday, we evaluated them and made recommendations for improvements. Many children are keen to try these at home and so the recipe can be found at the end of the blog.

Also on Wednesday, we celebrated our class mass on the theme of Laudato Si. Thank you to parents who attended and thank you to Fr Dominic who came to celebrate with us and teach us a song. The children behaved reverently and the singing was beautiful- well done, Year 5.

This first half term has rushed by and I have really enjoyed working with you all. It was wonderful to see so many of you at the celebration morning and the children thoroughly enjoyed winning the Amazon quiz. They also took great delight in naming any parents found cheating!


Wishing you a restful half term.

Mrs Lines



  • 14 ounce condensed milk (1 can)
  • 4 tablespoon cocoa powder (or chocolate)
  • 1 tablespoon margarine (or butter)
  • 100 gram chocolate sprinkles


Put all the ingredients, but the chocolate sprinkles, in a microwavable bowl

  • Microwave it for 3 minutes.
  • Mix it
  • Microwave it again for 3 minutes more.

Let it set for an hour in the fridge. Then roll into balls and cover in sprinkles.

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