One World Week- Reception


As part of One World Week, Reception have been learning about Italy.


The children began the week by finding Italy on a globe, map and Google Earth- everyone thought that it looked just like a boot! They then found Rome and talked about how the postcard on our prayer table, recently written by the teachers, had travelled all the way from The Vatican City to Potters Bar.


The children then worked very hard transforming the home corner into an Italian restaurant. They designed posters and signs to advertise the restaurant, wrote menus and made food to go inside. When it was ready, they had lots of fun pretending to be chefs, waiters, customers and greeters!

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On Tuesday, Reception class made individual pizzas.

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On Thursday, they made fresh lemonade and it was delicious!

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Over the week, the children have been bringing in their brilliant Italian themed home learning. Thank you for supporting your child this week.

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This morning, the class celebrated the Harvest Festival with the rest of the school. This was followed by the Celebration Morning, where the children shared their most recent learning and received their very special prayer books from Mrs Heymoz. Thank you to all the family and friends who were able to join us today.

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We wish you all a restful half term break.

The Reception Team



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