Monday 23rd March Learning

Year 5 Learning


Dear Parents,

Each morning, I will post a blog detailing the learning activities for the day. Notes for parents will be written in red to give guidance on the learning. Please do not worry if you cannot achieve all tasks in a day. Each family will face different challenges at this time and so it may not always be possible. This learning is provided and for you to use how you chose.

In addition to the information given each day, I would also like to highlight some other resources to you. Each day, The Body Coach will be running a 30 minute PE lesson from his YouTube channel. I highly recommend your child takes part in this. Now they are not at school, their amount of daily exercise may drop significantly and so it is important to keep active. This will now act as their PE lessons for the week.

For maths, I often use resources by Gareth Metcalf to extend learning and build problem solving in class. He will now be posting lessons on his page to encourage deeper thinking skills and could be done if your child has completed the daily maths activity. They become available at 9am but can be accessed after this time. Please also remember that OLSV will be live for mass at 10am.

Here is our overview for today:


Maths WALT- calculate using long division.


Parents note: In Year 4, your children will have used this method to divide a 3 digit number by a one digit. It is generally something children find quite tricky, so please do not worry if your child does not understand it straight away. Don’t be afraid to use smaller numbers to practice with if this is the case. I have included a link to a tutorial on basic division to revise key concepts before moving on.


Watch these online tutorials:


Then complete the online mathletics activity set.



This should be completed in the maths book given. Children can use a calculator to check their answers.



Story starter!

At first it had been an eye; an enormous, lidless, green eye, hovering there above the road. A few hours later, another eye had joined it.

It was then that people had started to take notice. Passers-by stopped and stared, wide-mouthed, at the mysterious vision that had appeared seemingly out of nowhere.

By the middle of the night, the full green face could be seen. The world was now taking notice. Broadcast on TV screens across the planet, the vision was causing quite a stir. People watched expectantly, glued to their televisions and radios and laptops around the world, waiting for the next part of the puzzle to unravel…

Sentence challenge!

Which sentences contains two verbs?

Can you use interesting verbs in your writing today? How about some of these:

Sneaking, leap, stalk, observe, tip-toe, avoid, peer and ooze

Complete the story in your book.

WALT- use a range of verbs in my writing.

Parents note:

To extend your child, they could use different forms of past tense verbs. We have already covered this so it is not a new concept. Try and use at least one of each in this writing. These are:

Simple past: I baked a cake.

Past perfect: I had baked a cake.

Past progressive: I was baking a cake.

Past perfect progressive: I had been baking a cake.

Underline each one in a different colour.

It is not essential that your child copies out the beginning of the story. However, if they could benefit from handwriting practice, this is a great opportunity!

Sick sentences!

These sentences are ‘sick’ and need help to get better. Can you help?

It was a dark night. A big face appeared in the sky.



Reading x 10

Read your own book for 20 minutes

Spelling spelling rule 53

Parents note: This is a free site with no login details. Our current spelling list will be suspended for now. It would be a great benefit for the children to learn the Year 5 and 6 spelling words. This week, every day, they should access this site to practice spelling rule 53.

Science Odd one out

Which picture is the odd one out? Explain your reasons.

WALT- reason scientifically

Geography Use google earth, atlases and online maps to research south America. Name the countries, mountain ranges, capitals and  rivers of the continent.

WALT- identify the countries, mountain ranges, capital cities and rivers of south America.

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