Maths, maths and a bit more maths

Year 4 has had yet another busy week.

The children have carried out some practical investigations this week in Science about the human digestive system, their favourite part being the modelling of the stomach using zip-loc bags.

They  spent some time on the playground on Wednesday and Thursday  creating different types of angles using metre sticks and chalk. They have proven their understanding of angles as a measure of turn by labelling their own turns on the concrete. They have had further practical maths lessons  using our new Geo-Board apps on the Ipads to create 2-D shapes matching some clues.

As part of this term’s new topic theme (Roman Britain) the children have  worked on a Roman style mosaic portrait. It involved using lots of detail and the children  really took their time to create some beautiful pieces.

In PE, the children have carried on in their tennis learning, practising bounces and rallies and in Music, the children have progressed in their violin playing to using their bow and began learning  a new song called ‘Fast Lane’.

Enjoy your weekend!

Ms Varga and Mrs McNamara