Maria Nicola

Staff Governor. Appointed by the staff of Pope Paul school. November 2015. Member of Resources Committee.

Maria was born in North London to Italian parents and grew up speaking both English and Italian. She moved to Potters Bar in 2000 and is married with two daughters who attend Pope Paul School. Maria graduated as a teacher with a BEd 1st class Honours degree and after teaching for several years in Haringey, is now the Year 6 teacher at Pope Paul, in addition to being a member of the Senior Leader Team, Key Stage Two and English Leader. She enjoys reading, travelling, sports, going to the cinema, a glass of white wine from time to time and of course her children (when she has spare time from her teaching position). Maria is an avid football fan and as such coached Year 6 boys’ football teams during her time in Haringey, winning the Haringey league twice as well as being crowned ‘Manager of the Year,’ beating eleven other managers for the title!