Le Gros Netball Tournament

On Wednesday, our Year 5 and 6 netballers took part in the Le Gros Netball Tournament at Mount Grace School. There were 16 teams in total from schools across Potters Bar, and both teams represented the school brilliantly. Here are the tournament reports from both A and B team.

A Team report – by Ruby, Louise & Amelia

On Wednesday, the Netball A team participated in Mount Grace’s ‘Le Gros’ tournament. We firstly played Ladbrook A and drew 2-2. Our next match was against Cuffley A. They were a tricky team to play yet we won 3-2. Stormont were the next team who played us. Unfortunately, we lost 9-5, even with all our hard work. Then, we went on to play Little Heath B and won 5-1. Our defense was excellent in this match. Our final match was against Brookmans Park B and we won 5-0. We were very happy with our scores and were delighted to get to the semi-finals. The semis were hard and we were up against Stormont again. Sadly, we lost 9-4. Well played by our A team.

B Team report – by Ellie & Maddie

On Wednesday, we played at the Le Gros tounarment at at Mount Grace School. The B team’s first match was against Little Heath A team. Our next match was against Ponsbourne A team. Later on, we scored a few goals but finally they won. Our second last match was against Wroxham A team. We were down one player half way, as Elle had injured her leg, but we still played well. Finally we played Ladbrooke B team and luckily Ellie got back up and played. We worked hard but unfortunately didn’t get into the semi-finals.


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