Friday, 6th November 2020

The children in Year 4 came back with renewed energy after half term!

In Maths the children have moved on to written formal method for addition, whilst in English they have started working towards writing a new narrative piece based on a traditional Vietnamese folk tale, The Fly and the Fool.  On Friday, the children worked in small groups and after discussing the elements of a play script, they went onto acting out the playscript.


In RE, the children have learnt about Bar Mitzvah and Bat Mitzvah as special occasions in children’s life. They also took part in a Remembrance Act of Worship.

The children carried on with their karate lessons with Sophie being given recognition by Michael.  Well done Sophie!  In PE the class have continued to develop their skills through invasion games. They looked at the basic parts of their digestive system in Science and looked at Milton Keynes as the fastest growing city in the UK as part of their Geography.

Leon, Finn and Eric have been exploring our school garden and came across some small peppers.

Please see your Home Learning below:

Friday, 6th November 2020 Home Learning
Spelling Log onto Spelling frame to practice and test yourself on this week’s spelling words.

sadly, usually, completely, finally, comically, happily, angrily
gently, simply, humbly, nobly, basically, dramatically
Reading Please logon to Read Theory and complete 3 tasks
Study Ladder Please logon to Study Ladder and complete your assignments.

They are based on mental and written methods for addition.