Friday 27th March 2020

Good morning Year 2,

Who has got that Friday feeling? Well done for all your hard work this week.

Thank you for sharing all your amazing learning with me!

I cannot believe how fast your Runner beans are germinating!

I am very impressed with all your wonderful writing and all your magnificent maths learning.

I have received lots of great number puzzles.

Caterpillar update!!! The caterpillars are doing very well and I have transferred them into their hatching net. They are getting used to their new surroundings and I will share some photographs of them with you next week!

You will find today’s learning activities in the table below. Keep in contact, you know where to find me …

Have a lovely weekend. Stay safe and well.

Miss Davey

Subject Activity
Prayer Lenten Prayer for Friday 27th March

Lord, I pray for all those who are having to cope with bereavement.

Grant them the strength and courage to face a future that is different from their hopes and dreams.

May they find the support they need and some comfort in their grief.








Complete the spelling test for this week’s spellings on the SpellingFrame website.

Copy the following common exception words into your handwriting books.


















































Please continue to log the changes your observe with your Runner beans in your bean diary.

Friday 27th March 2020

WALT: Know about how seeds are spread/dispersed.

How do you think these seeds are spread/dispersed? Look carefully at the different types of seeds and use the question prompts below for help.

Record your answers in your lined writing book.

What seed looks like they would float off in the wind?

What seed looks like animals/humans might eat them?

What seed looks like they could stick to animals and travel with them?

What seed looks like they might float off in water?

What seed looks like they would explode out of a plant?

Extension: Create and test your own Helicopter seed.















Friday 27th March 2020
WALT: Edit for capital letters, full stops and question marks.





























Morning Challenge

WALT: Work systematically to solve a problem

Working systematically is about working in an ordered way to find all the possibilities.

To solve my money problem you need to think very carefully about your starting point.

Are you going to start with the highest value coin or the lowest value coin?

Remember you need to try and find all the possibilities.

Think about how you will record your answers. You could record your answers in number sentences, as pictures or in a table.

Watch the video to find out about my money problem.

Please note that ALL MY COINS ARE SILVER!