Friday 26th June Learning

Good morning Year 1. I hope you have a wonderful weekend.

Here is your learning today. Please email me photos of your learning and if you have questions about the learning.





10 more than 6=

10 more than 8 =

10 more 12 =

10 more than 14 =

10 more than 23=




Write the date


Reading task – Click link below.

Friday’s English

Spelling/Handwriting  Write each word 4 times each.

you, your, they, he, me, we, be



Letters and Sounds lesson at 10.30am for Year 1  – Today is a Review lesson.


If your child would like to revise the Phase 3 sounds – 10.00am

Reading  Read for 10 minutes and talk about what you have read.  Record the books you have read in your reading record. Write a sentence about each book read. Did you like it? Why? Would you recommend it to someone? What was your favourite part? If you did not like it, why? What would you change about the story?



Password- Parents20!

Click on Collins Big Cat.

Click on the colour book band. Choose a book. Remember to read the book a few times over the week and talk about the book. Click on resources for some activities on the book.

Wider Curriculum Choose an activity from the link below.

Wider Curriculum




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