Friday 25th March 2022

This week in Year 5, we have begun our new English unit on instructions. So far we have given and followed oral instructions and evaluated written ones. In order to evaluate, we channelled the Great British Bake Off and took part in our own technical challenge! Much like on television, the children had a range of different results and we picked apart the instructions to see why. For our grammar focus, we looked at parenthesis, including relative clauses. I was really impressed with the way Year 5 were able to generate additional information to insert into given sentences. I look forward to seeing them use this skill in their final write up.

In Maths the children have continued with their Fraction work, focussing on improper fractions and mixed numbers.  In Wellbeing, the children looked at investigating some of the pressures pubescent young people can face from others, their own expectations and the media. The children spoke really well together about the characters they met today (Leyla and Finn) and showed that they were able to recognise that images in the media do not always reflect reality and can affect how people feel about themselves.

In RE the children looked at the story of Palm Sunday and it’s meaning alongside practising for the Stations of the Cross service which is on Tuesday evening in the church.

Home Learning is for the children to learn the songs off by heart for the Stations of the Cross service.  ALL the children have been learning their words for the service and during the two practices they have had this week, have spoken well.  Well done to them!

Wishing you and your families a lovely weekend and a lovely Mothering Sunday.

Mrs McNamara and Mrs Lines

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