Friday 24th April Learning

Good morning, I hope you had a lovely day yesterday! Thank you for your photos.

Here is your learning today.

PE Joe Wick’s daily workout live at 9am



Write the short date in your maths book


Maths Problem

Click on the link below and print this sheet or answer the questions in your book.

Friday Maths

English Practice your spellings and write them in your handwriting book.

Make a small book – Lockdown 2020. Write some sentences, stick some photos or draw some pictures about your time so far in lockdown. Keep updating it regularly. This will be a reminder of this time spent with your family. When we go back to school we can share our special books.


Watch the film on Neil Armstrong and do the activity.

Write some facts about him and draw a picture in your writing book.

Phonics Watch some Geraldine giraffe videos on split diagraphs

write some words with a_e

write some words with u_e

write some e_e words

Reading Read for 10 minutes and talk about what you have read.



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