Friday, 21st June 2024

We launched our whole school Other Faith Week with a visit to The Twelve Apostles Church ( a beautiful Greek Orthodox church in Brookmans Park) on Monday. During our visit, we learned  about the saints artwork decorating the walls and stained glass windows from Fr Demitrianos, that were designed to make us feel like we are in heaven. We also looked at the icons around the church as well as some of the beautifully ornamented items in the Sanctuary. Thank you to Mrs Martides for organising the trip!

On Tuesday, the class participated in the KS2 Sports Day where they demonstrated true team spirit and excellent sportsmanship! Thank you for coming along and supporting us, I know it meant a lot for the children.

In class, we calculated the perimeter and area of rectilinear shapes in Maths, whilst in English we wrote paragraphs with expanded noun phrases, similes and personification to describe our main setting, Castle Grotteskew. In RE, we reflected on our Catholic beliefs based on Mark’s Calling Stories, whilst in Science, the children classified animals according to their vertebrate groups in their new unit of learning, Living things and their habitat.

We also added a second layer of paper mache to strengthen the outer shell of our torches as we continued our Electricity themed D&T project.

A few children in class struggled with hay fever last week. Just a reminder that in KS2, children can self administer Piriton (supervised) as long as the bottle is clearly labelled with their name, it includes the appropriate measuring spoon/cup, and it contains a note with clear instructions on how much/how often of the medication is needed.

Have a lovely weekend,

Ms Varga

Home Learning Due back on Tuesday, 25th June 2024
Spelling Revision Words

Next week’s words: incorrect, illegible, subject, international, believe, wildly, preparation, coronation, bravely, thoughtfully


Complete assigned activities based around area.