Friday 21st June, 2024

This week has whizzed by!

As part of Other Faith Week, we focused on The Greek Orthodox faith and on Monday afternoon visited The Twelve Apostles Church in Brookman’s Park.  Fr Demetriano made us feel very welcome talking to us about the lovely church and the special icons etc that we saw there. The number of paintings, stained glass windows and icons were  magnificent.  The children gazed at them in wonder and awe.  The children learnt that the area where the priest celebrates the majority of the services lies beyond the icon screen (or Iconostasis) and is the Sanctuary. This is where the Altar Table is situated, as well as the Table of Oblation, where the Holy Gifts are prepared before their Liturgy begins.

This morning after assembly, Fr Demetriano visited our school to talk to us about the similarities and differences between our faiths.

On Tuesday we celebrated Sports Day in the afternoon.  Alongside the fabulous weather the children took part with enthusiasm and were full of energy and fun. A huge thank you to all of the staff who helped ensure that the afternoon ran as smoothly as possible and a special shout out to Miss Pringle who organised a very successful Sports Day.



The children are doing their Plants Topic in Science for the remainder of the term and have started to grow sunflowers.  Please encourage your child to keep a record of the height of their sunflower each week and I would like them to bring their sunflowers back into school on Monday 8th July to see how they are growing and to compare results with the rest of the class!  They will of course be returned to your homes to be cared for and replanted in your own gardens.  In Maths, we are moving onto a new area of learning.  The children have worked hard on their understanding of time over the last few weeks -please use as many opportunities for them to practise what they understand about this area of learning. They have been working hard to tell and write the time from an analogue clock, including using Roman numerals from I to XII, and the 12 hour and 24 – hour clocks. We also revisited our work on digital devices this afternoon and as part of the work we chatted about cyber attacks and about when criminals try to steal our online information without our permission.  They were introduced to a website that introduces them to a password checker tool.  T`he children asked if I could post the link we used to check to see what makes a secure password. The link is here.




Have a wonderful weekend! Enjoy the sunshine!


Mrs McNamara and Mrs Lines

Home Learning:



Spelling Shed

Keep a record f the height of your sunflower for the next few weeks.  (Please return your sunflower to school on Monday 8th  July)