Friday, 20th November 2020

Year 4 had another busy week!

On Tuesday, Miss Pringle helped them learn about the fantastic game of hockey! The children practiced different ways of holding their sticks and they also dribbled their hockey balls, ‘hoovering’ on the playground. They then consolidated these skills on Thursday and moved onto two new games where they could become goalkeepers. They did very well!

On Wednesday, the children had karate with Michael where they learnt new movements and techniques of meditation. Another chance for the children to be active came during our English lesson, where they acted out some of the characteristics that some of the main characters displayed in the play such as confidence, shyness, anger, etc  The children finished their second narrative piece this week with such imagination and showed that within their story their writing is progressively building a varied and rich vocabulary with an increasing range of sentence structures! Well done to Ben and Nathalie for receiving Head Teacher Awards for their pieces.

The children later brought balance to our week by participating in a serene and respectful Lectio Divina prayer session on Wednesday where they meditated and prayed on a piece of scripture from Luke’s Gospel.

We hope you have a lovely weekend,

Ms Varga and Mrs McNamara

Please see your Home Learning below:

Friday, 20th November 2020 Home Learning
Spelling Please log onto Spelling Frame to practice and test yourself on this week’s spellings.

division, invasion, confusion, decision, collision
television, erosion, fusion, passion, pension
Reading Please log onto Read Theory and complete 2 activities.

Please make sure you put time aside to read and update your reading logs.

Study Ladder Please log onto Study Ladder and complete your assignments.

For this week’s tasks, I encourage you to write down your number sentences on a piece of paper using the vertical method presentation and calculate them on the paper, showing your exchanges before submitting them online.

Science In the next 3 weeks, I would like you to create a musical instrument using recycled materials. We are going to use these instruments during our final assessment lesson in the topic of Sound.

Your musical instrument must produce two different tones.

Once, you have created the instrument, please write up a short summary of :

  • how you have made it
  • what materials you have used
  • what you have had to do in order to produce two different tones.

Please bring your instrument into school latest on Monday, 14th December 2020


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  1. Catherine Roberts
    Catherine Roberts says:

    I’m really pleased to see the children keeping fit and being offered to try out different sporting activities. They look like they are enjoying it too – brilliant!


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