Friday, 1st October 2021

This week, the children in Year 4 carried on with their Place Value learning by comparing, ordering and flexibly regrouping whole numbers. In English, they copied up their first final pieces in their neatest handwriting. These are  now displayed in class. We therefore started a new unit of work, still based on persuasion inspired by a story titled, ‘The day I swapped my dad for two goldfish’. The children enjoyed this book and have written great persuasive paragraphs swapping someone in their families for something valuable or exciting like a real life submarine or a pet puppy.

In Science, as the pictures show, the children used ziplog bags to simulate how the stomach functions and why it has an important part in the human digestion, whilst also learning the names and roles of the rest of the basic parts like the liver or pancreas. In Geography, they started recording some of their ideas creatively about the advantages and disadvantages of living in megacities whilst in RE they looked at the life of St Vincent de Paul and made links between the Vincentian values and their lives.

We also started rehearsing for their class assembly on St Francis of Assisi for next Friday. Great first reading from everyone.

Thank you again for the lovely plants; our class garden looks lovely.

Have a lovely and safe weekend,

Ms Varga

Please see your Home Learning below:

Home Learning Due by Tuesday, 5th October 2021
Spelling Please practise this week’s spelling words by either copying them out or by segmenting them like we do them in class.

disappoint (dis-app-oint), disagree (dis-ag-ree), disobey (dis-o-bey), inactive (in-act-iv-e), incorrect (in-cor-rect), illegal (il-le-gal)
I include a worksheet in case you would like to use that: Spelling sheet
Reading Please log onto Read Theory and complete two activities. Please also update your reading log with details about the book you are currently reading. Be ready to present your logs on Wednesday, 6th October.

Multiplication Please log onto ‘Hit the button’ and spend 10-15 minutes practicing your mixed facts.

Maths Please log onto Mathletics and complete your assigned activities (5) based on ordering, compering and re-grouping whole numbers of up to 4 digits.

English As a preparation for the children’s next writing piece, I would like them to research a favoured destination.

It can be a holiday location like Center Parks, or a theme park like Chessington World of Adventures or Lego Land. It can be a museum like the Natural History Museum with all its dinos or the London Eye, etc.

I would like them to create a plan where in simple bullet points they have about 10 facts they can include in their writing later.

  • Where is the attraction?
  • How many people visit every year?
  • What is exciting about the attraction?
  • What facilities are there? (restaurants, cafes, pools, etc)
  • Anything that makes it unique?
  • What age range is it suitable for?
  • Why would you recommend that attraction to someone else?

I am NOT expecting the children to write paragraphs. All we need is a bank of facts and ideas that the children can have in front of them, so they can lift those details into their persuasive pieces. About an attraction that they feel excited about to motivate them. Please be prepared to present your facts by Thursday, 7th October 2021




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