Friday, 19th November 2021

This week in Year 4, the children spent time revising their knowledge of the use of speech punctuation in English, whilst in Maths, they have learnt a new mental strategy for addition called the equal sum or rebalancing. In Science, they have used their understanding of how far sound spreads and thought about volume in order to use the school’s floor plan and decide where to put fire alarms to ensure,  that in case of an emergency, everyone can hear them. In RE, the children designed a Liturgy of the Word based on the second Advent reading  and later put some of the Gospels into a historical context linking their two subject areas. In Design and Technology, the class designed and built their second prototype, now using two levers and four linkages to create a mechanism. Very well done!

During the week, the children also had a special focus on anti-bullying, being National Anti-bullying Week. Following on from their workshop from last week, they further distinguished between conflict and bullying, they evaluated given scenarios and came up with strategies to solve them. They also applied this year’s theme, ‘One Kind Word’ when they created ‘Kindness Booklets’ to give to each other in class, celebrating each other’s gifts, talents and uniqueness. The children really enjoyed this activity and it was heartwarming to see how much they appreciate one another other and their class community. I couldn’t be more proud of them.

On Wednesday, in Karate, Sensei Michael thought three blocking techniques to the children who then practiced those in pairs. Well done!

Also well done for the members of our Tuesday Sewing Club, who finished their first full project of creating their very own bookmarks. Beautiful work everyone!

I wish you all a restful and safe weekend,

Ms Varga

Please see your Home Learning below:

Home Learning Due by Tuesday, 23rd November 2021
Spelling Please use your personal log in details to practice this week’s spelling words before testing yourselves on them.

Spelling rule 8, the suffix-ly

Well done for Nikola, Siena and Christoph who are at the top of the leaderboard 🙂


Reading Please log onto Read Theory and complete 2 tasks. Please also update your reading log and be ready to present them on Wednesday morning in class.

Multiplication Thi9s week as an alternative to ‘Hit the Button’, I would like the children to try out another online resource, called ‘Maths Chase’.

It is a free website and does not need login details. Depending on their existing knowledge, the children can set specific tables to practice or can practice their facts mixed, up to 12×12. They can increase the challenge by setting themselves a ‘chaser’ or just start first completing the questions and up the level later. They can also choose their characters and the number of points, they can gain. The website also enables other procedures to practice, such as addition and subtraction, which are also beneficial to maintain fluency, however it is important to keep in mind, that we as a school follow specific strategies for both of those that are not necessarily included on this platform. You can also further challenge yourself by practicing not only your multiplication facts but the corresponding division facts. Have fun!

Science project This term, the children are learning about sound in Science. In order to carry out a practical enquiry in class, I would like the children (in the next 3 weeks) to design and make an instrument using, if possible, recycled materials. The instrument needs to make at least 2 different tones. Here are some possible examples:

Please be ready to present your instrument on Monday, 13th December 2021.

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