Friday, 19th March 2021

Year 4 has had yet another very busy week.

The class furthered their science learning about famous Hungarian inventors and also had a look at the history of the incandescent light bulb.

They continued creating a detailed design plan for their D&T project – The Bedside Lamp.


The children came up with great ideas for their ‘shells’ and evaluated materials and procedures that they felt would to suit their build.

On Thursday they put the first layers of modrock on and next week they are going to add the paper mache.  You could sense the excitement in the classroom!

The children have continued to complete their daily mile and played team building/problem solving games during PE.

As today is Red Nose Day, the children spent time this week learning about the founders of the Comic Relief charity and the wonderful work that this British charity gives to projects in the UK and abroad.  Last week the children learnt about the importance of sleep and Max, Macy, Violet, Monica and Ela-Maria produced  beautiful posters giving us their top ten sleep tips.  Congratulations to Monica and Violet who won a sleep mask.

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend.

Happy St Joseph’s Day!!

Ms Varga and Mrs McNamara

Please see below your Home Learning:

19.3.2021 Home Learning
Spelling Please log onto Spelling Frame and spend some time practicing your homophones. After your practice, please test yourself on this week’s words.

Reading Please log onto Read Theory and complete at least 2 activities.

English Please log onto Study Ladder and complete the assigned revision tasks.

Maths Please log onto Mathletics and complete the assigned activities. The activities will give you further opportunities to consolidate the decimal number work that we have been doing in class.



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