Friday, 18th September 2020

Year 4 have had yet another very busy week.

Children built on their understanding of Place Value and started investigating 4 digit numbers in Maths using different models. They played a strategic game using a dice each to create numbers; a game they enjoyed very much!

In English we carried on looking at sentences, identifying nouns, verbs and descriptive phrases and also looked at ways of extending sentences by using conjunctions.

Children played skill based games in PE to further practice their chest push, whilst they looked at plants in Science and drew observational drawings.

Children took part in Acts of Worship and carried out Mental Health activities as well.

We used different media to create cards this week where children had opportunities to look at and try out different fonts, think about proportions and explore the use of water-colour paint.

The children are doing very well when it comes to following our hand-washing regime and they worked really hard all week to settle into class routines and to take pride in their presentation and learning. Well done!

Please look out for awards in the News Letter!

Have a lovely weekend,

Ms Varga


Please see your Home Learning bellow:

18.9.2020 Home Learning


Maths Please use the link bellow to login to Studdy Ladder and complete the assigned tasks.

Expanded notation 1

Mentals 37 and 38 only.


English Please login to ReadTheory and complete your initial assessment.

Please make sure you do that without support so the site offers appropriate reading levels later on.

Once finished, complete at least three activities.


Use the link to practice this week’s spelling words.

myth, gym, Egypt, pyramid, mystery, dynasty, symbol, synagogue,
mysterious, mystical





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