Friday, 14th June 2024

This week in Year 4, our focus has been on ‘Healthy Eating Week: Give it a Go!’ and completed learning activities based around the themes of:

  • Get at least 5 A DAY
  • Stay hydrated
  • Move more
  • Focus on fibre
  • Reduce food waste

We tasted exotic fruits and scored the experience on a 0-5 scale. After calculating the mean averages for each fruit, we plotted our results on a graph. We also infused water with different fruits and vegetables before looking at nutrients. We gained understanding of how protein, carbohydrate, vitamins, minerals and fat contribute to a balanced diet and rated food items based on different criteria looking at the amount of nutrients they contain.

On Monday, we also went to our Tudor themed class trip to St Albans Cathedral. We first took part in a food workshop where we learnt about the diet of people living in Tudor times before looking at cooking tools and making our own cheese and salad.

Our second workshop was themed around clothing in Tudor times. Children had the opportunity to try outfits from the time period; looking at fabrics and reflecting on how different outfits represented different social classes.

We carried on with our activities by listening to Tudor music and learning a ‘Pavane’- a Tudor court dance before participating in a lively ‘Snail’ and ‘Needle’- country dances popular in Henry VIII’s time.

We finished our day by learning about Tudor musical instruments such as the clarinet, oboe, recorder and drum.

We also used this opportunity to learn a little bit more about St Alban himself and visiting his shrine, where we spent some time in prayer.

On Monday, 17th June 2024, Year 3 and 4 classes are going on a trip to the Twelve Apostle Greek Orthodox Church as part of our ‘Other Faith Week’ learning. Children will have lunch in school as normal but will need to wear school uniform instead of a PE kit. Please make sure you give consent on School Comms.

Tuesday, 18th June is Sports Day. Children will need sun hats, water bottles and PE kits for the afternoon. Please come and support if you can.

Have a lovely weekend,

Ms Varga

Home Learning Due back on Tuesday, 18th  June 2024
Spelling Words that are plurals with possessive apostrophes

Next week’s words: expression, musician, reluctantly, group, scene, circle, solve,
supermarket, bicycle, except


Please complete assigned tasks based around perimeter.