Friday 10th July 2020

Good morning Year 2,

Happy Friday! Well done for all of your hard work this week. If you enjoyed the fable of the ant and the grasshopper and would like to listen to some more… 40 of Aesop’s best-known fables are available on the BBC’s school radio… use the  link below.–ks2-aesops-fables-index/z73s6v4

Wising you all a peaceful weekend.

Miss Davey

Subject Activity
Prayer Prayer for Friday 10th July

Loving God, thank you for your direction in my life. Help me to celebrate the freedom you give me to follow your Son, Jesus.

Spelling &
Complete the spelling test for this week’s spellings on the SpellingFrame website. the following common exception words into your handwriting books.
Reading Continue to read daily and discuss what you have read.You can access plenty of wonderful books via the Harper Collins website:



Use the Teacher Login area.

Maths 10-07-2020
Morning Challenge

Fluency 5 x 2

5 + 10 + 5 =

18 – 6 =

70 – 10 =

5 + 32 =

Half of 90 =

98 + 4 =

22 + 22 =

___ + 8 = 12

58 + 20 =

65 – 11 =

WALT: Order events

Here are five pictures showing something happening at different times of the day.

Have a good look at each one. What do you see in the picture?  What is happening? Could you describe it to someone else?
You could use these pictures in different ways. For example:
1. You could put them into an order in which you think they might happen through a day.
2. You could suggest what time these things happen in your day.
3. You could see how many hours might pass between pairs of pictures you have chosen.
4. You could draw another picture that might ‘fit’ between two of the pictures.
English Friday 10th July 2020




Precious things come in small packages. Small things or people can be just as good or better than larger or taller ones.
People who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones. You shouldn’t criticise someone for doing something wrong when you do things wrong too.
More haste, less speed. Although it is important to be quick at things, don’t rush, as you’ll probably make a mistake.
Don’t count your chickens before they are hatched. Don’t make plans before something has actually happened. It might not happen!
A stitch in time save nine. If you deal with a problem straightaway it can save you a lot of time or trouble later.
Empty cans make the most noise. People who are empty of brains make more noise than those who are clever!
Strike while the iron is hot. If something needs doing, get started on it straightaway.
Prevention is better than cure. Stopping something bad from happening is better than letting it happen and then trying to sort out the problem.

Carefully read each proverb and try to explain in your own words what you think they mean

Many hands make light work.  




Don’t run before you can walk.  




Too many cooks spoil the broth.  




Actions speak louder than words.





Wider Curriculum This week, your afternoon learning activities are about celebrating the year you’ve had and easing your transition to your new year group in September. Each day, there is an activity for KS1 and KS2 that focuses on a different aspect of the transition process.

Click here for your activities.

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