First week back in Year 4!

It has been a lovely week in Year 4.  The children have been working hard in all areas of their learning.

They have worked with myself, Miss Varga and Mrs Vieyra over the week and have been getting used to their new classroom environment and the Year 4 curriculum.  Two of my special highlights for this week are:

  1.  how the children have become familiar with Newround, taking their knowledge of what is going on in their world today and putting it into their report writing.
  2. how they have used their knowledge of sentence openers to write a descriptive piece of writing!

Here is a sample of some of the wonderful sentences they have been writing:

‘… we swam into the deep midnight sea.’ [Owen]

‘Amazingly, the fish formed into a rainbow.’ [Alex]’

‘….we discovered an underwater cave. It was pitch black ……’ [Samuel]

‘Eventually, it was time to go but I will never forget the ocean…’ [Sofia]

We have a ‘Meet the Teacher’ meeting on Monday at 3pm.

We are looking forward to meeting you.

Have a lovely weekend.

Thank you for your continued support.

Mrs McNamara, Miss Varga and Mrs Vieyra


Homework will be set next Friday (15th September).

For this weekend I have asked the children to think about the word ‘TOGETHER’.  From our discussion in class I would like your child to brainstorm rules they would like to add to our Classroom Promise which the class will be creating next week.


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    I says:

    Good to know that the children have settled well in their new class with their new teachers. Unfortunately missed the 3pm meeting yesterday. Will be good to have a view of the presentation.

    Well done to the children and teachers.


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